Campus Recruitment Training

Admission for B. Tech programs:

Campus Recruitment Training or CRT started in early 2011-12 expressly focuses all its energy on training students and making them ready as they go out into the world seeking employment.

For them to be employable, the faculty within CRT rigorously hone the students to sharpen their people skills. We at CRT try to equip the students with confidence, instill ethical values, teach them reasoning ability along with focus on analytical ability and help them in building their personality. Over the years, we train students to look for what is best in them.

While the core makes them aware of hard skills to function and learn the ways of the machine, to avoid sounding like a soft-skill intro, subtly and precisely put, we prepare them for life.


It is a well-known fact that quality manpower feeds and nourishes industries and augments the growth of our economic future. The proportion of Quality manpower in relation to the Quantity is diminishing in all streams of education and Engineering in particular. Entering into a good job or higher education is not sufficient but sustaining it for a long term is the need of the hour.


To enhance employability amongst the engineering graduates by imparting required skills for sustained performance and success in career and make them industry ready.


To bridge the industry-academia gap by enhancing the competency of the engineering graduates through necessary training in Soft Skills like interpersonal & intrapersonal skills that include communication skills, attitude, behavior, etiquette, time management, goal setting, team work, leadership skills, career planning and ethics in addition to the technical skills that they acquire through curriculum based education to facilitate their employability.

Concept & Basis:

To facilitate continuous learning and development of the students from the beginning till the end of the engineering course to Provide exposure and environment to have hands on experience. Continuous motivation and inspiration to instill confidence and enthusiasm form the basis of this concept.

At present we offer these classes on a weekly basis right from first year to final year in every semester to have a continuous training for the placements covering different modules.