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Department of Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering that deals with the planning, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures, or public works, as they are related to earth, water or civilization and their various processes.

The Department of Civil Engineering since its inception in 2012 has been at the forefront of teaching, research and consulting with a focus on the broad areas of Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation Systems, Hydraulics and Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

Our faculty members are committed to delivering knowledge and expertise in the broad spectrum of Civil Engineering and are actively involved with research that caters to societal needs in general. Our students are actively involved in several internships and projects and our main aim is to evolve them into confident individuals, ready to make an impact on whatsoever profession (industrial work, research, entrepreneurship) they choose to pursue.

Our research in the department focuses on both fundamental and applied research to provide solutions that help drive the future evolution of Civil Engineering. Industry interaction and academic exchanges are an integral characteristic of our department.

Our alumni have gone on to serve in distinguished capacities in various industries, Government organizations and institutions in India and abroad.

Vision & Mission


To impart knowledge and excellence in Civil Engineering and Technology with global perspectives to our students and to make them ethically strong engineers to build our nation.


To reinforce the students with fundamental engineering knowledge and broad set of skills.
To make the department a center of excellence in the field of Civil Engineering and allied Research.
To Provide knowledge base and consultancy services to the community in all areas of Civil Engineering.
To Promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers to face the challenges of future.

Civil Engineering Objectives:

1. Fundamental Knowledge: Graduates of the program will be skilled in the fundamental principles of mathematics, science, and four sub-disciplines in Civil Engineering that are necessary for success in industry or graduate school.
2. Specialization: Graduates of the program will be proficient in each of the four sub-fields of Civil Engineering to an extent that they can pursue careers in those fields or in related inter-disciplinary fields that benefit from a strong background in applied sciences and engineering. The sub-fields emphasized by the UCLA C&EE department are Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, and Water Resources Engineering. Graduates will also obtain additional depth and specialized knowledge in two of these sub-fields.
3. Design Skills: Graduates of the program will be skilled in problem solving, design and interpretation of experiments, and operating within a team environment for the solution of design problems in their chosen field.
4. Professional Skills: Graduates of the program will be capable of operating effectively in a professional environment by demonstrating technical communication skills, the ability to procure work, the ability to interact effectively with construction professionals, and an understanding of both ethical issues in Civil Engineering and the importance of Civil Engineering work to society.
5. Lifelong Learning: Graduates of the program will be prepared to continue their professional development based on their awareness of professional society activities, professional licensure requirements, and opportunities for further education in graduate school.




Events / Activities



S.No Name of the Lab
1 Surveying Field Work -I
2 Strength of Materials Lab
3 Concrete Technology Lab
4 Surveying Field Work –II
5 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery Lab
6 Geotechnical Engineering Lab
7 Engineering Geology Lab
8 Transportation Engineering Lab
9 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Lab
10 Environmental Engineering Lab
11 GIS & CAD Lab

Dept. Club

ALLIANCE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY (ACET) is an association of student group which was inaugurated on 11th March 2016 by Mr. M Satyanarayana Rao, DEE (R&B), Jagayyapeta.

The objectives of the Alliance of Civil Engineering Technology (ACET) a student body of the Civil Engineering Students of DVR & Dr HS MIC College of Technology, Kanchikacherla is to:

Promote students’ academic, professional and other activities of mutual interests through wider, regular and frequent exchange of views among students, faculty/staff members, and industry related professionals.
Establish close link with other institution/organization/industry and academic disciplines to promote mutual cooperation and to facilitate multidisciplinary research approach.
Provide a common forum for students to develop their presentation skills and advance their research activities.

The association aims to achieve the above objectives by providing the much-needed practical exposure to the community members through its regular activities like technical seminars, research symposia, talks on ongoing research practices throughout the globe and many other related topics from distinguished practitioners of the trade. Collaboration between academics and industry is important for the advancement of engineering teaching and research. With this aim, to give our students some practical insight into Civil Engineering, the students’ association plans to organize several visits throughout the year to ongoing construction sites thus giving them a chance to interact with key personnel of the industry.

ACET also plans to provide a platform to budding civil engineers across the country to create, innovate and learn various aspects of civil engineering through competitions, events and Symposia (research paper conference).